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Towns in the U.S. That allow backyard poultry?

Chickens to be exact. I'll build them a coop and they won't bother anyone. NORTHERN STATES ONLY please —Thanks!

Posted by John C
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Call you local animal warden. I do not know of any towns or cities that allow live stock(of which chickens are considered) with in city limits.

Keeping Chickens??

Any advice appreciated on keeping chickens, also how many eggs per day does one chicken produce and at what age does there laying slow down?
Are there any signs to the age of a chicken when buying one?


Posted by
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This is a good site about poultry

Keeping Chickens or Poultry at Home, Backyard Poultry Keeping and Laying Hens
Poultry Pages, help, advice and information on keeping, housing feeding poultry, especially backyard chicken keeping and laying henswww.poultry.allotment.org.uk.

Backyard Chickens / Poultry, in Ireland?

I've been looking into keeping backyard hens, mainly for eggs and there is just so much information I don't know where to start – I was hoping to get some experienced advice and information relevant to Ireland, which seems hard to come by!!!
So, can anyone tell me:

– Where in Ireland I can buy Chickens? (I was thinking of going for a breed that lays eggs but can be culled after 2/3 years but Im open to suggestions)

– Where I can get a house and run (in Ireland) or find out how to build one propperly?

– Where I can get Chicken feed and what kind or is it just standard?

Any tips on what to look for when buying a chicken would be a huge help too!

Firstly, thank you so much for this information-it is a great help and always greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I'm still struggling to get local information and I hate to say this but Ireland isn't really online – the amount of companies/businesses/people that don't have websites is quite high. I have searched Google Ireland but to no avail and I don't know where there is a livestock / feed store locally – I have driven about looking and asked people but I'm at a dead end! : ( Anyone out there from Ireland at all?

Posted by Jo Jo
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Your first stop should be UBuilderPlans.com

There you can find plans for building a really efficient backyard mini coop called the "City Biddy Hen House". It is easy to build and even easier to use. I have had mine for around three years and I LOVE it. There is also a lot of information on the site for new chicken owners.

As for places to get poultry in Ireland I would probably subscribe to "Country Smallholding" magazine. Http://www.countrysmallholding.com
This is a great British magazine that has lots of ads in it. Many for hatcheries in your area.

Now that the "world is our oyster" due to the internet. There is a huge on line poultry community. I am also part of a poultry forum on Yahoo called Homestead Poultry group


By joining groups like this you can learn a lot … Now matter where in the world you live.

Good luck.

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Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer (Introduction)