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What to do when a couple ducks want to live/nest in your backyard?

A Mallard and duck came into our yard this morning and started swimming in the pool for a bit. My mom said the mallard had flown off and the duck just stayed in the water. She then flew off, and my mom went outside to go put some bread out for them, and found an egg inside the flower pot. They aren't back yet, and the weather supposed to get very bad soon. Is this a sign they will be nesting here, and will she return? Also, should we do anything to maybe help her out, like try and move the pot somewhere so the egg don't get wet, or will they be ok?

Posted by Hannah
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Definitely leave the egg where it is, and sorry to burst your bubble Kelly, but birds don't abandon their eggs/chicks if a human has touched it. It would probably just be if they realize that the nest isn't a safe place to have chicks. If you really want to have a couple ducks parading around your yard, sure, feed them and give them fresh water. But i warn you, ducks are extremely messy and you might have to end up cleaning your entire pool and disinfect it. Also, don't try to pick up either of the ducks or that babies if any hatch, i know it will be tempting but the parents freak out. I had this experience with a couple of peacocks, the hen layed a bunch of eggs and we just left her alone apart from giving her food and water. Once the eggs hatched we kept feeding them and we let them roam our yard. The fuzzy little chicks got the better of us and we caught a couple for pictures. We let them go immediately after but the mother chased us so we stopped. We had to move from the house later and the peacocks were still there a couple months later. So if you let these ducks live in your yard, prepare for a long visit.

Hope this helps and good luck!

What kind of duck?!?!?!?

What kind of duck makes the best pet something cuddly and sweet it will be growing up and living with a chicken in my backyard but which kind of duck is the best
ok # one alot of duck owners dont have ponds they use large kiddie pools and a friend of mine has a farm and a pond said i could raise it and he would take it because he wants one anyway
and that wasnt the question i asked.

Posted by NONAME
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Great Question. I am happy to see some people take it apon themselfs to first find a breed that will be best for them and their other animals before leaping into a wad of trouble.


There are many great breeds of ducks that are in your options.

First I would like to say some Breeds that will not be the best choice

~Moscoveys ( These are usually used for meat birds, they have a "Notsopretty" apperance, and consume a lot of expensive food. They would not make a very good pet duck)

~ Pekin (Also another meat duck, who consumes a lot of food, and are a solid color that soils easily)

~ Mallerd (This breed is commanly mistaked for their larger cousin, Rouns, because of the similar color patterns. They are flighty birds that usually dont make good pets and are in many cases harder to take care of.)

I would reccomend you not to get a meat duck, for they eat too much if you plan on not making them into a food source. Duck food is getting too high to have to pay for their eating ahbits.

After reading what you have posted I thknk a Roun, or Bantam duck is the way for you to go in your situatuion.

Rouns are medium sized ducks and are very plain, but beautiful birds. They are easy to maintain and are friendly birds if raised correctly.

Bantam ducks are adorable, and are the best pet ducks for people willing to take care of them properly. They come in many varities and eat little. They will not require a big swimming space ethier. They will be more expensive than Rouns, but in my opinion, are worth it.

I hope you find the duck your looking for and you are happy with your choice in the long run. I am sure everything will work out.

If you have any further questions you would like me to answer, please feel free to contact me via email– [email protected].

Tips on keeping a duck in my backyard?

I have a fairly sized backyard, no fence =/
i live in ohio, if you know the temperatures here. 😛
uhh. Theres stupid neighbor dogs, 😐 they have invisible fence, but they bark a lot. 😐
uhh, anything else just ask. 😀
i was planning on keeping it in a pen, i just needed to know what to do for a pen, you helped a lot. :D.

Posted by sadiesykes! $$$
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Are you keeping the duck in a pen? It will surely wander off if you keep it in the yard without some sort of fencing. And I definitely wouldn't depend on that invisible fence to keep those dogs away. If they see prey it's possible they'll take the shock to chase it.

What I did was built a pen out of wood and chicken wire, and also put some fencing below the ground, too. Ducks can generally stand pretty low temperatures, as long as they have something in their pen like a doghouse filled with hay. I'd also recommend putting a tarp on the top of the pen during snowstorms. Predators like hawks, foxes, & dogs and plenty of others will all want your duck. Not having a fence makes a sturdy pen even more important.

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