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Urban Wear shop name?

I am looking for a name for my store. I will be selling urban wear (G-Unit. Ecko, Phat farm, Evisu etc). At the end of next year i would like to add my own clothing line to my store so a name that could create a good logo would be nice 🙂

Please can you give me some idea's??
Thanks in advance 🙂
The brands listed are not children's wear they are for adults. Oh also i would be selling to male & females 🙂

Posted by kimmiekie
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As a branding expert, you want something that is going to appeal to your target group. I'm not an "urban wear" shopper, so its hard to give a definitive answer; what is clear from the above name is that they tend to be mono-syllabic, and either conjure up something mystical and coll sounding (Ecko or Evisu) or are a play on urban terms (G-Unit, Phat farm). You might want to think along those line. Just like BOOST mobile…its just a cool word they chose to own, as well as an urban term to "steal" a car).

How about something that plays on the word Dawg? That's popular. H-Dawg, for example -it has a double meaning. Seriously, not my market, but you need to flow from something like that, or create a nonsense word like "Zune" (based off of Tunes that Microsoft thought up.

Good luck,

Urban Living……..?

What is Urban Living?
Why is Urban Living so important?
What has damaged Urban Living?

Thanks 🙂

Posted by Sarah
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Urban Living is the characterization of city life, as in living in the city.

Urban Living was done for marketing purposes, originally, and eventually it became the pool from which employers drew their employees from. Manufacturers locate their operations in areas where there are a large number of desirable people which they may employ.

Urban Living, as it increases or grows will gobble up surrounding farm land. Soil which was once used to grow food whether it is vegetables and grains or land upon which cattle or milk cows are raised. Cities also gobble up forest land, trees which provide lumber for the building of homes and buildings. Especially if it located within the boundaries of the city. The loss of nearby farms means that food has to be shipped from farther away which makes it more expensive to the city dweller. Food which now has to be treated with preservatives so that it will last longer during shipment and still look enticing when put on store shelves.


What stores sell phat farms for girls?

Posted by got it
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You mean Baby Phat? Well you have Man Alive, Macy's, Demo, Underground Station, and many more urban clothing stores.

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