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Help with school presentation about gardening?

I've got a presentation on 23rd this month,my topic will be about gardening,is there anyone that can help with my presentation either with information ,pictures or videos,even better if you can provide me with some tips or past experience on which can help me make it more interesting and entertaining or ways to view the presentation.

Thank you .

Posted by MUNI
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"Gardening" is a huge topic. Are you teaching people about gardening? Or just talking about gardening in general? A garden can be a few herbs in a window box, or a large scale botanical garden with thousands of different kinds of plants!

If the specific topic is up to you, you might look into "premaculture" as your topic. It's gaining a lot of ground as a sustainable gardening practice, that can be kept up without machinery, and takes minimal labor, with harvests most seasons. Beauty, function, and low-maintenance.

Having visual aids will help – pictures are great.

Whats the dress code for Palm Beach Gardens High School?

Im planning on going there soon, and leaving homeschool. Cn anyone tell me the specific dress code. I know it's quite strict.

Posted by Rena
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From their website at


2011-2012 SCHOOL YEAR

Through the collaborative effort of teachers, parents, and students, Palm Beach Gardens Community High School has revised our uniform dress code policy for the 2011-2012 school year. The uniform dress code has been formulated at Administrative Staff Meetings, SAC Meetings, and meetings with student groups.
In accordance with the Palm Beach County School District, the following dress code policy will continue to be in effect at the start of the 2011-2012 school year. ALL students are expected to return at the start of school in the dress code. Any student out of compliance will be subject to disciplinary action.
Solid colored, polo style, collared shirts with two to three buttons maximum, no zippers, and no shirts without buttons, in the following colors: Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Orange, White and Gray. Shirts must be tucked in. Logos no larger than a quarter. The only T-Shirts permitted are PBGCHS Club or Athletic shirts that are pre-approved by Administration. Camisole or undershirts may be worn underneath the approved shirt in one of the colors mentioned above. BLACK, RED or WHITE T-SHIRTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AS A SCHOOL SHIRT – NO EXCEPTIONS. THIS INCLUDES WEARING A BLACK OR RED T-SHIRT UNDER SCHOOL APPROVED COLLARED SHIRTS.
Inclement weather is any adverse weather condition involving rain and/or cold. Jackets, sweaters, plain or gator sweat shirts, and raincoats are the only items allowed to be worn over mandatory collared uniform shirts. All other clothing items worn over school uniforms are a violation of dress code.
Pants must be worn at the natural waistline with a belt. The accepted style of pants and knee length shorts for boys and girls include Docker style. Knee length skirts/skorts (no slits), and all in the following colors: Black, Khaki and Navy. NO SWEATPANTS/LEGGINGS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED. NO JEANS!
Any closed toe shoe is acceptable, however, we do recommend that students use discretion when deciding to wear high heels. Bedroom-type shoes/slippers and athletic slides are prohibited. All students are to wear a belt. Belts must be visible when shirt is tucked in.
·Any kind of BLACK or RED shirt is strictly PROHIBITED.
·Sweatpants/leggings of any kind are strictly PROHIBITED.
·NOTHING worn on head: including but not limited to: Baseball Caps, Bandanas, Doo-Rags, Shower-Caps, Snoods, etc.
·Any clothing that is not included in the approved Palm Beach Gardens Community High School Uniform List is unacceptable.
·All Palm Beach Gardens Community High School Uniforms must be worn correctly.
·Uniform clothing cannot be altered in any way, shape or form. Examples include but are not limited to: rolled pant leg, tucking pants into socks, cutting/rolling up sleeves, imprinted images, or emblems of any kind, etc.


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