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Can I keep a duck indoors?

I am wanting to get a duckling as a pet, and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be such a bad idea for keeping it indoors. I live in a town house, and this may sound cruel or may be a bad idea. I am wanting to get 2 ducklings, but it would be a lot of work and I know that already. I would love to see them grow older, and I would give as much care and love to them as anyone else would. If it could be possible to have a duck live indoors, I would take it outside into my backyard a lot, but keep it inside for the night of course. What do you all think of this? Is it a bad idea? I don't want to sound like I am wanting to torcher an animal, because it's not what I am wanting to do. I also had a duckling 5 years ago and it lived indoors and it went outside into our backyard sometimes. I took it out camping once, and while i was sleeping in the tent, my mother put the duckling beside me and it fell asleep. (We named it Cheap Cheap :D) It was the cutest duck ever, but I rolled over it…. And it died. I was so upset when I woke up and found out I had killed our baby duck. It was so depressing. I'm sorry that I just told you this!! But anyways, I am wanting to take much more care this time. What would be a good place for it to sleep, also? Can it sleep in a huge box with lots of comfort and food during the night? I may sound insane!! I have been doing research, too. Please tell me your opinions!! Thank you :D.

Posted by Tamara Graham
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Lots of people keep ducks, chickens, & even geese inside the house, so it's a definite possibility. However, you really should make sure that you are zoned for it & if you have an HOA, if their rules allows ducks. And make sure to get at least 2 ducklings as they do better with a companion.

There are places on the internet that you can purchase diapers for ducks, so that's something you might want to look into. I'd also suggest that you check out the duck section of backyardchickens.com. There's lots of great info on raising ducklings on there.

Keeping ducks and chickens?

My parents are going to get a couple chickens in our backyard for their eggs, probably going to get 2 actually. They also said I could get a duck, because I have always loved ducks. I have a couple questions about this actually. 1: is keeping 1 duck and 2 chickens together ok? Or will the duck not fit in and be lonely? 2: we are getting the duck and the chickens as babies, should I keep the duck separate from the chickens when they are very young, or keep them together? 3: should I keep the duck and or chickens inside when they are very though? Thanks.

Posted by ben
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It depends on the duck. They should be okay together tho. But do NOT leave that duck alone. Ducks are VERY social animals and may become depressed if alone. But the problem is you don't want your duck getting into your chickens food? Just to let you know don't ever feed your chickens or ducks medicated feed or they may die. But i would consider asking your parents for 2 ducks. =) Ducks are really amazing creatures. Please make sure they are inside at night or coons, foxes or any other predators may get to them (:

Will it hurt my fruit trees if I keep four ducks in my small backyard orchard?

I plan to empty the duck pool unto the ground near the trees. The trees have gopher cages around their roots and wire fences around their trunks. Thanks!

Posted by Hobby Farmer Girl
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Hi i have ducks and a small orchad too when i let the ducks out i have to put a fence around the trees but with the bigger ones i leave them because the ducks cannot harm them but if they are small trees i would put a little cage by getting 3 pegs/big poles around the tree in a triangle and then put chicken wire around the trees and wire it too the pegs i hope this helps.

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