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Has anyone ever devised a functional system for indoor, multi-level, simulated-conditions farming?

That was a long way to put it, but i don't know of a short name for such a thing.

Has anyone ever invented such a thing? I'm not talking about your average greenhouse…

1. The farm would be totally indoors. Protected from pests and the weather.
2. It's multi-level. If the structure is standing on a 5 acre plot of land, the arable space is multiplied because each or some of the levels or floors of the structure works as a farms.
3. Simulated conditions. The temperature, light, and other condition factors involved in growing crops are fully controlled. This way it wouldn't matter what season it is.

If you know of someone who's done this before or if you know of any project, can you please tell me where to learn about it? Or if you can't remember exactly where to find the information, please tell as much as you know.

If you don't know anything helpful and you think i'm talking about something impossible or a waste of time, i do not welcome you to provide a response.

Posted by davnic017
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What you are asking about is called vertical farming or skyscraper farming.
The potential advantages of vertical farming would be the prevention of deforestation, desertification, sprawl, and other consequences of growing agricultural land use. By producing food within population centers, less pollution is produced transporting the food from distant farms. The controlled environment of a greenhouse may also allow greater crop yields and reduced need for pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. As currently envisioned, the vertical farm would also be designed to turn sewage into fresh water, generate its own electricity from decomposition byproducts, and be virtually self sufficient. Here are some good articles if you want to read up on it.


I need 2 prepare a ppt on vertical farming…so plz suggest me topics that r to be included in that to make it effective..nd if any one has made it already plz send it to me ..its urgent.

Posted by parimal
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Contents [hide]
1 Background
2 Advantages
2.1 Preparation for the future
2.2 Increased crop production
2.3 Protection from weather-related problems
2.4 Conservation of resources
2.5 Organic crops
2.6 Water recycling
2.7 Halting mass extinction
2.8 Impact on human health
2.9 Urban growth
2.10 Energy production
3 Technologies and devices
4 Plans
5 First vertical farming installation in Europe
5.1 Paignton vertical farm system
6 Economic analysis needed.

What companies are involved in vertical farming, and hydroponics?

Very interested investing with companies, involved with vertical farming, and hydroponics. Plus if someone can differentiate the two for me, or expose how they are alike. Thank you for your help!

Posted by Jeremy
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Hydroponics is a method to grow crops in a chemical and nutrient rich water solution which does not require soil….crops can be grown year-round in compact spaces in green houses versus acres of land. Vertical farming takes that to the next level by growing crops in high rise buildings rather than spread out over acres of land which provides year round production and reduces water use, crop losses/ damage from bad weather, pests, disease, etc… Another method called aquaponics is used to grow food crops and raise fish in a symbiotic relationship…the plants filter water for fish in the growing tanks and the crops are fertilized off the fish manure. Compost from crop residues can also heat greenhouse buildings in colder climates or food crops can also be used to feed farm animals and it allows for food production in urban areas closer to where it's needed which reduces transportation energy costs/fuel use, CO2 emissions, etc..

We have a local aquaponics company here in town called Growing Power which grows over a million pounds of food and 10,000 fish per year among other things from a 3 acre site…far more food production than conventional farming techniques. They also have plans to develop a vertical farm along those methods.

Growing Power info….

Vertical farming….

Another method called the Himawari system can grow crops indoors by piping filtered sunlight via fiber optic cables and using nutrient rich water/hydroponics…such a system could improve vertical farming methods by reducing the need to rotate crops into exposed sunlight areas in large high-rise buildings….sunlight could be piped into interior areas.

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