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Which are the countries that have started vertical farming / Multi-storey farming?

Posted by chris c
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Several pilot vertical farms have been setup:
1. Valcent's VertiCrop vertical farming systems pilot plant at the Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in Devon, England
2. California high-tech greenhouses using vertical farming techniques (Houweling Nurseries);
3. A vertical farm using seawater in Dubai (architectural firm Studiomobile)
4. Rural Development Administration has built a prototype of a three-storey vertical farm in Suwon, near Seoul, South Korea, April 2012

These farms are still on trial to determine the suitability and feasability of growing crops indoors in multistorey buidings. There are no commercial vertical farms yet.

How can we make vertical farming a reality?

Any suggestions regarding this?

The most important reason why it is not being done is the high cost.

Posted by Aviator
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Vertical farming is probably impossible. Here is the reason-

however the site mentions that if it possible, it should possess some necessary features are currently not possible with today's technology.

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