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Self sufficiency farm?

Where is the best place where to start a self sufficiency farm ?

Posted by Massimo
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See the link

"Prepare Today For Tommorrow"

What does self sufficient living mean to you?

Produce your own food, unplug from the electric grid, build your own homestead and maintain a frugal life style?

Today’s economy is becoming more and more difficult and complicated. The cost of living has sky rocketed and has put a tremendous strain on many households.

Many people find themselves working eighty hours a week just to maintain their lifestyles. They feel trapped by the demands of society and don't see true happiness.

If you enjoy country living or even live in urban or rural communities, you too can have self sufficient living. You can grow a garden in your backyard, build a greenhouse, raise chickens for eggs and meat, milk your own cow(that might be hard if you're urban)! Lol… It's not hard. And it's actually quite enjoyable.

Wouldn't it be great to grow tomatoes that taste good, or bake bread that does not have additives, and enjoy holidays that are not commercialized?

With today's economy, we tend to opt for the quickest solution for our day to day needs. We rely on store bought goods to get us through. Back to basics living is what this website is all about.

Don't get me wrong, buying what we need is sometimes essential and convenient. But reaping the fruits of our labor is a reward in itself.

Self sufficient living provides practical, useful information on just about every skill and handicraft under the sun.

On this site, you will learn how to practice:

1. Alternative energy strategies

2. Planting a garden It's time to get started.

3. Preserving your own food is a doable practice for anyone who has sunlight and nutrient soil.

4. Raise your own chickens

5. Harvesting your own honey

6. And much more!

You will be able to try your hand at candle making, broom making and stone masonry. You will discover how to make soap, even tan a hide!

Some projects are complicated and trying, construction of a log cabin or installing a solar water heating structure are tasks for someone with experience, skill, and a strong back.

But, most of the jobs are well within the capability of the average person, and many are appropriate for family involvement, especially for the kids with parental guidance…

Where to find urban outfitters and forever21?

In california please answer.

Posted by Lisa M
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The nearest mall, der..

You do realize how large California is, don't you?

You may live on a farm or in the mountains and there isn't either near you for hours or you could live in downtown Los Angeles and there's one 10 minutes from you.

Check these sites:



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