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Backyard Poultry Law?

I have a friend who just got a rooster and a couple of chickens as "pets" in North Bergen, New Jersey (house dwelling).

Is this legal??? I'd think it would be really annoying to the neighbors. I went to animal law.com and tried to do a serach, but couldn't get a match for the description I put in. Does anyone know anything about the code/law for this sort of thing, or how I'd do an appropriate search to get the information I'm curious about? (His neighbors are complaining about the rooster crowing, and I warned him he'd probably get cited, but can't back it up. I thought it might be a noise decibel complaint, at the least!)

Posted by Pooka
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Well, that sounds annoying and potentially abusive to the rooster. If you can't find it online, call the local courthouse or Humane Society office.

How do i raise a 4-H chicken or turkey if i do not live on a farm?

Hi, Yes i am indeed wanting to show a chicken or turkey at my 4-H show this year but the only problem is i do not live on a farm and i live in a neighborhood. Would i be better off owning a few ducks in my backyard? Because i Do have a fairly nice sized pond?? PLEASE HELP ME.
Ki8900 you have been very usefull and i would like to thank you.

Posted by Logan R
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I would try to first check out the city zoning laws. You would be surprised but many cities are fine with owning a few hens. Roosters are, however, often not an option.

I would recommend a few hens instead of ducks, they are incredibly messy! If you want help raising urban chickens there is lots available.

Http://www.uBuilderPlans.com = a great urban hen coop

Http://www.backyardpoultrymag.com = backyard poultry magazine

Http://urbanchickens.org and Http://home.centurytel.net/thecitychicke… are both city chicken websites.

I was a 4-H poultry leader for years – you will love it!

Michael Pollan and Wendell Berry?

What are some similarities and differences between Michael Pollan and Wendell Berry and their views of agriculture and industrialism?

Posted by
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Urban agrarians? Wendell Berry and Michael Pollan on food, farming and community Http://rebeccasnavely.blogspot.ca/2010/0… ————- Michael Pollan on Wendell Berry Http://www.progressivereader.com/2009/09… ———– Wendell Berry’s Wisdom
By Michael Pollan The Nation, September 2, 2009 Http://michaelpollan.com/articles-archiv… —————
Michael Pollan: People Are Finally Talking About Food, and You Can Thank Wendell Berry for That

Wendell Berry's now-famous formulation, "eating is an agricultural act" — is perhaps his signal contribution to the rethinking of food and farming under way today. Http://www.alternet.org/environment/1425…

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