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Is it illegal to hatch chickens in city limit in DeKalb?

Well i was wondering if it was illegal to hatch chickens because my teachers do at a lot of my schools but they could by rules so i was wondering if i could at my home i was going to give the chicks after like 2 weeks or what ever age i can move them to his farm.so can i or will i get in trouble by the law?Can i have please a sores so its just not a opinion. Please & thank you.

Posted by Lizzy
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Sec. 27-733. Agriculture and forestry.

(e) Livestock. Livestock shall only be permitted on a lot containing two (2) or more acres. All buildings used for animals shall be set back not less than two hundred (200) feet from any property line. All animals shall be maintained at least one hundred (100) feet from any property line. There shall be not less than five thousand (5,000) square feet of fenced lot area not covered by the principal structure for each animal

Household pet means a domestic animal that is customarily kept for personal use and enjoyment including domestic dogs, domestic cats, canaries, parrots, parakeets, domestic tropical birds, hamsters and guinea pigs. Household pet does not include livestock, poultry, pot bellied pigs, pit bulls, and snakes.

Livestock means domestic animals and fowl customarily kept on a farm including horses, mules, donkeys, cows, cattle, sheep, goats, ducks, geese and turkeys.

Search ResultsDekalb county code info – The Atlanta Backyard Poultry
I was disappointed to learn that the local ordinance in Unincorporated Dekalb County where I live seems to prohibit chickens in homes with fewer than 2 acres.
Www.meetup.com/chickens/messages/boards/‚Äčthread/6240668 – Cached.

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