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Can some one help with chickens ? 10 points best answer?

We are thinking of getting chickens, we dont have a HUGE garden and we live in a town so we were going to try and build a coop for them and than seperate of some of our garden. So is it possible to convert a rabbit hutch into a coop or make a small simple coop for maybe 3-4 hens ? Any suggestions would be good also we are getting bantums not battery hen size

thank you

also do they have to have grass in there run? Or can we just have slabs ? We are just thinking of clenliness and ease to clean.

Thanks:) again
the slabs will only be in the run not in the coop.

Posted by kane
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When you say small, what are the approximate dimensions? My whole lot is 50' X 100' with a 34' X 48' chunk out of it.
When I was seriously showing my Blue O.E.G. Bantams, I had five (15 birds) or more trios housed separately in my small backyard.. You don't have to have one stationary coop for your birds. A "chicken tractor" would probably be a good solution for you and your proposed flock.
A good source of info would be magazines devoted to self-sufficiency i.e., "Countryside" and "Backwoods Home". They have plans for DIY chicken tractors/ coops. Their advertisers have ready made versions of the "tractors", coops, etc.
"Backyard Poultry" and others like it offer excellent advice on backyard chickens, health, maintenance, housing and so on.
My coops were stationary. They were 3' X 3' X 3' with a roost at the back and a nest box near the door. The roof, back wall and half of eachside wall were solid and the front sides and door wired One coop was 12' X 3' X 3'. All were on the ground. I added leaf litter periodicly (they love to scratch!) and fed cracked corn loose. The scratching was good exercise for them.
The "chicken tractor" is a movable coop AND run. You simply lift at the back like a wheel barrow and move it forward one tractor length to a new spot in the yard every couple of days. No accumulated waste, they get to scratch and eat bugs, the yard gets a fertilizer boost and all are happy. Wish I'd had one!!
The magazines should be availible at newsstands, book stores and Tractor Supply. An internet search on chicken tractors is loaded with info on ready made and DIY.

Good Luck and enjoy your Bantams.

Go to YOUTUBE and search chicken tractors. Lots of good ideas to create your own.

Thinking about getting chickens, Whats the plus and minus to having backyard chickens?

Posted by Kimberly
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Cheap to keep
Eat almost all foods plus Bugs Bugs and more bugs
Receive nice healthy eggs
Meat (if wish to kill and eat when mature)
Can either sell some eggs or birds later
Low Maintenance
Great compost material
Chickens are just plain great to watch strut around the yard getting what ever crosses in front of them and then the race is on as the others follow and try to get the bug the 1 bird has LOL LOL LOL
Thes birds are affectionate,with attitudes and great personalities…..
Higher amounts of Folic acid and vitamin B12 &Vitamin A( all natural and good for humans)….

Preparation & expense @ 1st is a tad costly (unless you have some supplies and a coop/pen already)
Time and money are needed to set up a coop/pen plus feeds and water and dispensers as well for all.
Depending on where you live an Ordinances may be required 4 having birds may wish to check this out with the city or town officials to be sure you are allowed to have chickens in this area.
Neighbors are entitled to know you are planing on getting chickens if they live any way close enough to really care,
Cleaning the coop/pen to keep odors down and diseases as well.
Time and Commitment are both needed you will have living breathing animals (poultry/chickens)They Do Require Daily Care.
Need to be able to put birds up for the night with a roost for them to rest on in a safe spot from predators. In a safe matter. And then let out each morning around the same time if able.
Phobic of birds
Lack of suitable space
Health concerns
Waste disposal
Care for the birds when you are not able or are planing to be away from them like vacations or trips
Good Luck and enjoy your new featherd friends……When you get If do??

Where can i buy a pekin duck close to Charleston Sc?

Were looking for a duck for the pond in the backyard and we are looking for a pekin duck. Is there somewhere in the area (Charleston, SC) that sells them? We have looked at feed stores already, but had no success.

Posted by Britty
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You might have to wait another month or so. Most feed stores dont really have chicks or ducklings until it warms up a bit more. Keep checking the feed stores. You should ask them when they plan on having chicks/ducklings and if they think they will have any pekin ducklings this spring.

The other place you should look is tractor supply if you have one near you.

Try placing an add in your local craigslist in the farm/garden section and see if anyone in your area has them or knows where you could find them.

You could get some from a hatchery(i personally like ideal poultry) but you will probably need to find someone to go in on a duck/chick order with you since hatcheries have a minimum order(ideal poultry doesnt have a minimum animal but it does have a minimum dollar amount. I thinks you have to buy at least $25 in poultry)

good luck. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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