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Help, I found a baby bunny in my backyard?

I found a baby bunny in my back yard, and I don't know what to do with it, I would like to keep it because we have kyoties where I live, but I have never ha a bunny and i have no idea what to do
i havnt touched the bunny, my sister gave it water, bread, a carrot and an almond sliver. However while watching it hoping it will come out of its spot, i heard a brussle, it was the mother rabbit, so i went inside and told my dad we couldnt keep it, when i went back outside i saw another baby rabbit.

I have desided to leave them both and let the mother find them.

Posted by Slam Pow
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Bunnies are very careful to hide the mother probably had a ground nest and the baby got out of it, look around the bushes in the back yard its usually hidden real well under branches, and it looks like a birds nest dug into the ground and it is filled with bunny hair and it just has a small opening at ground level so they are hard to see, you should put it BACK in the back yard and watch it to see if the mother reattaches to it, if that's not the case you will need a cage and rabbit food and straw and i cage with a tray under it to catch the droppings, they make good pets, but youcant forget to feed it or it will die, another thing is if the baby is too young to feed you will have to bottle feed it, i hope that not the case they don't usually live, the mother is the only one that can do that job well ,,

How do I take care of the bunny?

Okay so yesterday I found three baby bunnies in my backyard. The mom is dead and they aren't old enough to look for food on their own. What do I feed them? Is there anything I should know? Please, if there are any bunny experts out there, please help. All help is appreciated. Thank you!
Oh and by the way, they are staying outdoors.

Posted by Rebecca
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If you are bringing a bunny home then start getting the bunny's cage prepared before you bring the bunny home, so that when he or she comes home, he or she can get used to his or her cage right away without anybody bothering him or her.
When you are setting preparing your bunny's cage, think about all of the things that he/she will need. You can look at the list of things you need, or read a book and see what you will need for your bunny. So get that prepared(if you are just bringing your bunny home).
Your bunny needs to be fed everyday. Make sure your rabbit always has fresh food which includes: rabbit pellets, hay, and fresh vegetables. Feed fruit as a treat; it should not be fed all the time as it is high in sugar.
Your bunny also needs fresh water everyday; make sure that you clean out your bunny's water bottle everyday and put fresh cool water in it.
Your bunny needs to have plenty of exercise each day; probably about 30 min. Or more, just to run around and have freedom. You can give your bunny exercise by either: Letting him run free in the house, if their is nothing dangerous around. Getting a fence for outside and letting him run around inside that, having a separate cage that has tons of space to run around in. Or buying him a safe leash, so you can walk him.
Your bunny needs to have lots of love each and everyday; giving him lots of love will make him more you used to you, so he won't be as scared, and he will be more tame most times. Do anything you need to do to care for him; pat him on the head, scratch behind his ears, read him a story. Be creative with your furry friend.
And of course your bunny's litter box needs to be cleaned at least once everyweek, and filled with fresh newspaper, shavings, or whatever you use.
Make sure your bunny has lots of toys to chew on and play with. Toy's are very important, so don't forget them.
twice everymonth, your rabbit's cage will need to be thoroughly cleaned out, such as; Cleaning any separate parts of his cage like a hutch, another small cage, or some tubes he has. If he's an indoor bunny then clean the floor underneath his cage really good. If he's an outdoor bunny then move his cage to a different spot. The waste can be left to compost. There are some other kinds of things you should do to clean out his cage, look up what else you should do in a book, to see what fits your bunny's health.
And finally, make sure that you take your rabbit to the vet for it's regular checks ups and shots.

My dog attacked bunnies in our backyard?

Okay so today my dog attack a baby bunny nest in the backyard. On of them got it eye sliced. Its eyes arent open yet they are only a day old we have him in a box in a blanket. But what should we do? I know theres a chance of him dieing but im just praying someone could give me soem idea how to keep him going.

Posted by Caitlin Gross
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I'm sorry sweetheart. You should have left the bunny in the nest. Never remove a wild animal from it's nest. If you're dog did, then the best you can do is return it to the nest. It is too young to live without it's mother.
Please don't hate your dog for this. It's normal dog behavior. We make a mistake by thinking our dogs are human. They're not. I once had a Pomeranian, who gave birth and killed her puppy. It was pretty grizzly, even for a seasoned old dog person like me. I had her spayed as soon as possible. I also found her an excellent new home.

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