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Questions and Answers

What are the chances of a famer being called a backyard breeder when they breed rabbits or sheep.?

I have a friend who has a small farm and someone recently when they were getting some rabbits that they were backyard breeders.

Posted by EIL
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Farmers do not raise rabbits and sheep as pets,
They raise them for human consumption, and for their wool.
These animals are not made into pets but they are food.

I want to start a farm…?

In my backyard, nothing major just something to grow and eat. Whats the easiest to start with?

Posted by bboyballer112
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I will start with some chicken and later I will add rabbits, also go to the library to learn all about farming like diseases, plagues, etc.
If you have a big space fish farming is cool.
Good luck!

What to feed rabbits.?

What are some good easily grown crop(s) that could be grown in a backyard garden that are good for raising and breeding rabbits you intend to eat? I don't want commercial products listed.

Posted by Michael
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It depends partly on how old they will be when you intend to eat them.
Baby rabbits need a higher protein diet than adults, and the best source of this in the wild is alfalfa, which can be given up to 6 months old, but not after that, as the protein can cause kidney problems.

Provide a variety of grasses, a variety of hays, and you can grow fruit bushes like blackberry, as they enjoy the leaves as well as the occassional fruit.

Dandelions, plantain, and herbs. Rabbits eat a lot of herbs in the wild. They also eat grains, and oats are good for putting on, and maintaing weight.

Rabbits dont' need commercial pellets – these were introduced to fatten up farm rabbits, so that they could be sold at an early age and maximise profits. However, they should be considered, because they will help to maintain a good weight. A couple of handfuls a day will suffice.

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