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Can I release home raised ducks into the wild?

So I have a duck in my backyard, it lives with 5 chickens and we want to release her into the wild because we don't have a pond (near our house is MANY lakes and rivers and MANY ducks) do you think she can survive in the wild? Thanks 🙂
I live in Melbourne, Australia, I don't think the birds migrate here, because there are some wild ducks here I have seen that can not fly (like the peking). The one I have can't fly either, its a similar breed to the peking.
I have another question: Can these guys live happy without a pond?

Posted by G DOG
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I'm sure she will fine as long as you don't release her in the middle of winter. Spring would be a good time when there is plenty of food about. If she is a domestic duck she won't have any migratory instinct and will stay where you put her.

Ducks don't need a pond as such, even a big washing up bowl sunk into the ground for her to splash about in would do. She should lay you tasty eggs and I'm sure she has bonded with the hens (I kept ducks and hens together for years).

Its not ideal releasing domestic ducks into the wild as they mate with the wild ducks and this weakens the gene pool but lots of people do it, I've done it once or twice with drakes that we just couldn't find homes for. Our local pond has a complete mixture of ducks of all colours so I'm sure lots of other people had the same idea.

Roller Coaster Party ideas?

So, I'm thinking of getting this for my sons birthday:



It's a small, backyard roller coaster and I'd like to plan his party around it (mostly toddlers will be attending, and I'll have them wear helmets).

I'm also going to have a sprinkler for them to run through. What do you think? Any other, inexpensive, ideas that I can add to make the party better?

Posted by Mommy of 1.5
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That sounds like a lot of fun. Why not do a amusement park theme. You can have someone dress up like a clown and paint the kids faces, make or give out balloons, have several small games set up like a duck or fish pond, and have any other outside toys that he has for them to play with like a bally pit, bounce house, tricycles, etc. Also depending on the age you can set up a small course and have them take turns riding his bike trough the course.

Baby duck?

My husband and I just found a duckling in our backyard….we are about half a mile from a pond. We have NO idea how he got here. My husband had just sprayed flea and tick killer in the lawn and some DID get on the duckling. We washed him with warm water and dawn soap. But, what NOW?! Food? Heat? I am clueless…

Posted by Constance Y
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Try feeding it raw fish or grasshopers,crickets,bread, any kind of bug will work. Worms will also.You can also buy duck food at feed stores for chickens,ducks,horses,cows,etc. Be sure to keep the duck under a heat lanp for about a month depending on how cold it is where you live.

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Mallard Ducks in my backyard