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Backyard pet duck Questions ?

Ok, so I have a want for a pet duck. And yes, I have done research, but I'm here just to ask a few questions.

Easiest pet duck :

– Least stinky duck

– Eggs

– Not too much room required

And yeah that's pretty much it.

Thanks 🙂


Posted by Markus
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Get a muscovy duck. They make perfect pets and arent loud. Theyy are cute and the females are smaller than the males. Muscovies unlike mostt other ducks dont swim as much because they dont have the oils in their feather. Or in other words they are not waterproof. Give them at least a large bucket to drink from. You can give them a baby pool but its optional. They love to eat grass and forage for insects. They also eat whear cracked corn and pelletts. Research more about them. You will love them.

Ducks in my backyard?

How do i get em out? They are going to the bathroom on my pool… And its not like i hate ducks they are so cool!! But i just dont want them pooping on my pool… Any suggestions??

Posted by swcmdm
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You have to use duck psychology,start going quack quack quack! If that don't work call animal contorl,good luck,but this may not be the last of the ducks!

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Ducks in backyard pond