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Questions and Answers

How do you get ducks into a duck pond?

I always wondered how the builders of a duck pond figured to get ducks to actually go there. If I were to build a duck pond in my back yard, I doubt I'll get any ducks there.

Posted by J Bear
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It really depends on if you are referring to wild ducks or domesticated ducks.

If you are referring to wild ducks, a small pond built near a house is unlikely to attract them. However, a larger pond with flooder timber, food sources such as wild rice, tubers of certain aquatic emergent plants, invertebrates, etc. You have a very good chance of attracting them.

If you are referring to domesticated ducks, most people purchase eggs or young ducklings and raise them from a young age. The ducks imprint on them and the pond where they are raised. This causes them to relate to the pond as being their home. So if you built a pond in your backyard and wished to have ducks in it, this would be the best method to go about doing so…

What do I feed ducks?

I have a pond in my backyard and ducks come every year during spring. This year one of them is laying eggs in my garden. What should i feed her so she doesnt have to keep leaving?

Posted by LaxBaller82
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Get some duck feed from your local pet store.

And if ducklings hatch you can get chick/duckling feed, since it isn't a great idea for little ducklings to eat regular duck corn.

And then of course there's bread. But if you give it to ducklings make sure the bits are small enough for them to handle!

What is the ideal backyard setup for ducks and chickens?

We have a large chicken coop, a bit of miday shade, fencing and a plastic pool. We are raising 12 chickens for eggs and meat. We also have 2 ducks, male & female, hatched at the same time.

Considering the following, I'd like input of the best options:
1: ducks need water, the chickens shouldn't have a pond
2: they all should get locked in the coop at night
3: I can cover some or all of their chicken-wire-fenced area with more fencing but is it necessary with 5-foot high fence walls?
4: do they all need access to the shade?
5: what would allow the ducks to a pond area but not the chickens?

The rest of the backyard will also be fenced with 4 or 5 foot fence to keep any dogs out. We are near Asheville, NC.

Posted by WishfulFarmersNC
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I have my chickens and ducks together, but separate the males from the rest. I put the females in with the male. Males tend to try to mate with the chickens and can hurt them.

1.) You can put the pond in the same pen, but make sure that it is away from mud or durt. I have a fence around the cage so that the water will not muddy up the pen.

2.) Yes, they should be locked in coop, make sure that watch the ducks, if you have a creek around your area they may travel.

3.) yes, coons ca climb and hawks can too sp make sure its safe.

4.) yes, they can be over heated fast in hot weather.

5.) be carful of preditors.

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Building a Duck Pond