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Questions and Answers

What do stay at home moms do for fun??

I think I have been a stay at home mom for way to long…I am going on 5 years here and it still will be another 3 until I can get a job….so what do yall do for fun??

Posted by thebigB
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Go to school so that I get a break and still have a brain. Go out to lots of parks. Visit friends and family. Get a zoo pass. Read, read read read read and then read to them. Make up scavenger hunts. Join a moms club or a book club. If your kids are older find some place where you can all volunteer, like habitat for humanity. Go to pet stores. Find local events like storytimes and craft times at Michaels. Have remote control car races. Feed ducks. Go visit daddy at work for lunch. Write and illustrate your own stories. Visit children's museums. Make forts. Get a playpool, set it up in the backyard, and then kick back with some iced tea and a People magazine while they play. Visit every city park in your town and make a list of the best ones. Visit national parks and hike. Ride bikes. Start a food drive. Make a lemonade stand. Clean out all the closets and have a garage sale, with the proceeds aimed at a family night at the drive-in theater. Take a children's class at a community college — the local one here has cooking aimed at 2-5 year olds. Take swim lessons. Go to a pick your own apples place. If you have a video camera make a music video. If you have a digital camera make a flipbook. Join a Little Gym or Gymboree.

What dog is right for me?

Hello there,
I wanted to buy a cute puppies dog. Can any dog lover advise me please on what it takes to won one. I would like something not too hypo unlike jack Russel's, I Love the friendly border collies but I would like a different puppies colour something not many people have. Do any one have doggies for sale in Australia? Something easy to Martainn, we like the fluffy one but not to fluffy. We have a huge backyard and a fence two sides of it but the other half it is the corner part of our block. I love walking them and training animals. I know someone who can make his cattle dog walk with his ducks! Something medium size like a golden retriever but they might cost too much unfortunately. I would like a good breed. Works well with young children. A good looking one as well not like a ugly pug.

Please send me your answers! Good luck!
Well i love saving animals but I would like the right one and a puppie and th esad aprt abotu the rspca is they get rid of the animla if no one adpots it but they are like $300 and they not really close to my house and there are no more other rescue selters!
My parents would like purebreed becuase of it's reputation. Thank for everyones answers. I would spend heaps time witjh them but not when I am at school for about more than 6 hours. We have neighbours with lovely border collies and golden retreivers but mean jack russels!
The king charles spaniel are too small sorry!
Toy poodle bit of grommy and the colour and smallness sorry know. I like bagle but want something bigger maybe to cuddle!
I don't live in Queensland and I got bitten by a cattle dog. Any cost effective dogs and that survive the heat?
I did that test you send the link to the 3rd gal/guy and I didn't like any of those dogs especially the look!
I found The golden reciver was good for me do they need to go to training school and it was out of that and the collie but I can not find any golden revivers for sale? Help please!!!!!!!!

Posted by emza241
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Here, try this:

It is a test you can take to see what kind of dog is best for you, based on your lifestyle and preferences and ability to care for a dog.

Both border collies and cattle dogs are very intelligent, "busy" sort of dogs that were bred for work and NEED something to do. They will not be content laying around in the yard like a golden retriever will. If you don't give them enough stimulation, they will invent their own ways to keep themselves busy, such as digging holes in the yard or chewing up things they are not supposed to. I just wanted to point that out because you stated you didnt want something too hyper like a Jack Russell, but both border collies and queensland's can seem "hyper" to a person not prepared for the high energy level they have. They are both excellent pets, just not for someone who is not willing to spend a lot of time with them.

If you have an animal shelter near where you live, I'd suggest you try there as well. There are always great dogs there that are homeless and would make an excellent pet. Often times a hybrid or "mutt" dog will be one of the best dogs you could ever have, and are much cheaper and easier to come by than purebred dogs.

Is it legal to own poultry [chicken] as pets in the city of Sunnyvale, CA?

Our neighbors with whom we share fences with has three to four chickens in his backyard, and they make plenty of noise and smell bad! Is it legal in Sunnyvale to even own chicken? Because I know that in some cities it is not allowed unless it is for farming/commercial purposes (and in Sunnyvale it is not allowed for any sales purposes).

Posted by Summer Kiss
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Your neighbor must obtain permission from his/her neighbors living within twenty-five feet of said livestock (chickens).

6.16.090. Animals near residences.
It is unlawful for any person to pen, enclose, or otherwise confine, any chicken, duck, pigeon, or any other bird or fowl, within twenty-five feet of an inhabited residence without the written consent of the occupant of such residence. It is unlawful for any person to stake, tie, or otherwise confine, any animal, except a dog, within two hundred feet of an inhabited residence, without the written consent of the occupant of such residence. (Ord. 1628-71 § 2 (part): prior code § 5-1.409).

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