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Rabbit only had one baby?

I bred my rabbits who have always had BIG litters in the past (9 -12 kits per breeding) but this time my doe only had one kit?? She is 2yrs old and my buck is 2yrs old.

The kit is a very big size and seems to be maturing quicker than my other does batch! It is already eating grains and pellets and running around at a young age.

What could have caused her to have one? Did my buck maybe only get 1 swimmer in there? Lol

PS: i raise and breed my rabbits for my own personal fur and meat so please no "your a backyard breeder" comments. I breed them to butcher for myself and my family who live in my area. I also make winter wear from their fur so it saves on me having to buy mitts and such.

Posted by Angel
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First of all, there's nothing wrong with breeding your own rabbits, if it's done responsibly. And why do you think there is specific meat breeds of rabbits? Because people eat them.

I'm only guessing here, but I think there's two possibilities. If it's her first litter, they might have caused it to be smaller. I wouldn't think at 2 years old there would be fertility problems, but outside factors like stress or diet could've affected the pregnancy. Also, if you weren't there when they were born, the doe could've eaten the babies (if there was something wrong with them)

I wanna raise rabbit meat for a living?

I don't wanna drive to work as I have an accident and a ticket and my car insurance rate is expensive and I only graduated from high school and I don't wanna work at Mcdonalds and the like, so I wanna stay home and work at home, for example, can I do an investment and build a place in my house for raising rabbits and then sell them or sell their meat? Because I know rabbit meat is good and expensive and they grow and reproduce fast so I wanna raise rabbit for a living, and I just wanna eat comfortable, be able to pay my bills and have the basic needs such as surfing the internet and I don't need any luxury like driving a Benz or go shopping at mall, I just wanna spend my life raising rabbit and make a stable living at my house.
And how do I start doing it? If I have lots of rabbits, how do I sell it, who to sell to?

Posted by
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To sell any meat to the public it is going to have to be inspected by a usda inspector, and no you cant just simply raise rabbits in your backyard and sustain even the lifestyle you mentioned here. There are feed cost, you have to have facilities they have to be maintained. Do more research on it you can by all means do it but it will take alot of money and space to get started.

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