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Raising a rabbit?

My 13 yo son got a regular female rabbit (looks exactly like a wild rabbit right down to the markings) for Christmas. We waited a long time until we felt he was responsible enough to care for this pet. The rabbit was about 4 months old when we got it. Even though our son has tried to handle this rabbit daily, it is extremely afraid to be picked up or handled at all. The cage is medium in size and cleaned weekly. Alfafa, pellets, and a food asortment for rabbits is fed daily. The rabbit sqeals when we touch its side or try to curl our fingers under it. It was bought from a pet store but we do not know the breeder or how she handled her rabbits. We have trusted the small-town pet store owner for quite a few years, though. We have purchased rats, fish and other small creatures from him and his pets are always in fine condition. Does anyone have any advice for helping this rabbit to become friendly?
She chewed through the phone cord one night about three weeks ago. I have to admit that we stopped free roam time after that. Maybe she is mad. She has a cage with a flat plastic bottom. I recently saw her jump longways over her cardboard oatmeal container and land flat on all four feet on the other side of it. She loves chewing that carboard drum. Is that OK? Could she need more toys? If so, what? I do not understand the comment about the alfalfa. Alfalfa contains more minerals than any other grass because its roots grow so deep that it extracts what other grasses can't get from the soil. I know this because I am studying herbal medicine. However, I know zilch about rabbits. Is there anything you can add about how alfalfa effects rabbits? Perhaps it has a unique reaction with these critters?
How long does a rabbit gestate? We never were told she was pg before. We also know the store owner does not get wild rabbits. One lady supplier raises them for him.
The cage is 29 inches long, 16 1/2 inches high and 17 inches wide. It was the middle size of the three rabbit cages that they sold. We were told she would always be rather small. We haven't had her weighed for some time. She is going to hate this next vet trip!

Posted by delemamomma
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Well, switch from alfalfa to Timothy.
Just had to throw that in. It's cheaper and better for his tum, and less fattening.

Sometimes a rabbit will just always be this way. Try letting him out for free roam time in a designated area while your son sits on the floor. You can buy or borrow a puppy play pen for this, or use cardboard boxes up against the furniture.
Let the rabbit come to your son, rather than your son grab onto him.

My rabbit, I've had since she was three weeks old. She doesn't like to be touched in certain places, will jerk when you go anywhere near her ears, and just loves to scratch your face up. Rabbits aren't very cuddly by nature anyway.

The best thing to do is start to trust it with free roam time. He'll be so much more happy, and calm down some.
You may want to take him to the vet, if he's screaming when you touch him. This is usually a sign of pain so I'm not really sure what's going on.

What kind of cage is he in?
If the bottom pan is covered in wire, give him a litter box full of hay or a plank of wood to rest his paws.
If when he jumps, he hits himself pretty hard, you need to get a bigger one where he can run circles or jump. I have a Californian which is a rather large rabbit, she's about 12lbs, so I know it's kind of hard to find a cage large enough for that. The free roam time will help.

Check his paws for broken toes, ankles, anything. If there's no reason for him to be screaming, then you really just have to wait it out.

The alfalfa is so high in fat and whatnot that it's acceptable for babies up to six months and pregnant females.
All of your protein will come from the 1/4-3/4 cup pellets. The timothy hay is pretty much just nummy for him that won't cause any problems with his weight, and will help his digestive tract.

You can actually watch him in the bathroom, or block off wired areas with cardboard boxes.
Even if you block off a small corner, you can give him cardboard boxes to climb in and chew.
Cat balls are a favorite.

Anything you can do to give it time to play, it'll just adore.

And cardboard's fine to chew.

How to start raising lop rabbits?

I would like to start my own lop rabbit breeding buisness, i am 23. I need all the information i can get. Whats the best numberto start with? Whats the best place for a farm? Ect.

Posted by Stacie
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Do you konw anything about rabbits?

I had 14 rabbits. Make sure you give them plenty of fresh water everyday and hay and bunny food. During the winter, make sure they have extra hay and keep them indoors. Either in a cage or a big hutch. During the summer you can let them out in a pen, but put them in at night as they will dig in the ground all night to get out. We put thick fencing on the floor so they couldn't dig out. We lost 11 of our rabbits, make sure they are not anywhere near squirrels. If they get into squirrel nests or feces, they can die and will show no symptoms, and humans can get it too. First. Start wtih one rabbit and see how you like it, then if you are ready get another (male or female, whichever you didn't have) but put them in separately. You want to make sure they are okay with their surroundings and neither have a sickness or habit. Breed them about a month later. DO NOT put them together after the babies are born. Put them together once to breed. Keep males and females separate. Males will kill babies. You can have a farm anywhere. Do not touch the babies until they are old enough, mom will kill them and abandon them if she smells humans, only if she does not know your scent, so bond with her. Babies should lay on straw, fluffy shavings are okay but you don't want shavings to get in their eyes. Make sure you have a box for them and only mom can get in and out. Once the babies are old enough to be sold. Check their sex. Here's a link to tell. Would you like any more information?

Link: "Is my rabbit male or female"?::::: Http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?…

It's pretty easy, the male's will pop out and the females will have a line down.

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