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Questions and Answers

To be a kinder-garden teacher?

Do you have to go to college for high-school level education (have to know high-school level subjects like math, science, ect.) to be a kinder-garden teacher, or do you just have to go to early childhood development classes and know kinder-garden level education?

Posted by Bimmi
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Nope and yep.

Most schools that offer elementary education programs require you to take classes outside your major that are the same as everyone else–those classes will be at a college level. BUT, you will also have to take classes like "teaching elementary level math" or "reading for primary grades," which sound like less important classes, but are very very important to learn for elementary school teachers because the needs of young children are so different than at any other time in their lives. You will have a ton of early education psychology and training classes, and fewer of the advanced academic classes that other majors will have.

You will NOT have to know high school level subjects to pass most state's teaching proficiency tests. This is because it's ridiculous to expect you to know things like James Joyce, when you're actually teaching Clifford the big Red Dog while simultaneously balancing the emotional and social needs of 30 5-year-olds.

Most states realize that the psych classes and elementary ed classes are the most useful things an elementary teacher can take, and their teaching exams reflect this.

Atlanta, Georgia public schools.?

My family may be relocating to the Atlanta area. My kids are currently in a very good private school, with a rigorous academic program and French being taught at the lowest grades. I have heard that some public schools in Atlanta teach French or Spanish in elementary school. What districts around the Atlanta metro area have the best schools? Do any of them really have foreign language in elementary school? Can you tell me the actual school names?

Posted by biomommee
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Good morning,

Here is a list of APS elementary schools that offer foreign language:



Beecher Hills-Spanish
Frederick Wilson Benteen- Spanish
Mary McLeod Bethune- Spanish
Bolton Academy- Spanish
William M. Boyd (Y)- Spanish
Morris Brandon-French
Hugh Otis Burgess– Gartha Belle Peterson- Spanish
Capitol View- French
Centennial Place (Y)- Spanish
Cleveland Avenue- Spanish
Elijah Lewis Connally-Spanish
Continental Colony-Spanish
Ed S. Cook- Spanish
Deerwood Academy- French
John Wesley Dobbs- Spanish
Paul Lawrence Dunbar- Spanish
East Lake- Spanish
Margaret Fain- Spanish
Richard Nathaniel Fickett-French
William M. Finch-Spanish
Garden Hills-Spanish
Charles L. Gideons
Grove Park- Spanish
Heritage Academy- Spanish
Alonzo Franklin Herndon- Spanish
Charles Walter Hill–John Hope- Spanish
Joseph W. Humphries- Spanish
Emma Hutchinson (Y)–Spanish
Warren Turner Jackson- French
Mary Agnes Jones-Spanish
Lucas O. Kimberly- Spanish
Mary Jane Lin- Spanish
Leonora Precious Miles- Spanish
Parkside- Spanish
Thomas Jefferson Perkerson-Spanish
Peyton Forest-Spanish
Eretus Rivers-French
William J. Scott- Spanish
Thomas Heathe Slater- Spanish
Sarah Rawson Smith Smith Kindergarten Annex-French
Springdale Park-Spanish
Daniel H. Stanton-NONE
Frank Libby Stanton- Spanish
Thomasville Heights- Spanish
Fred Armon Toomer-Chinese
George Alexander Towns- French
Bazoline Estelle Usher–Collier Heights- Spanish
Venetian Hills- Spanish
West Manor-Spanish
Walter Francis White-French
Whitefoord- French
Carter Goodwin Woodson- Spanish.

How to become a kinder garden teacher?

Hello. I am a nanny and I want to become a kinder garden teacher. What do I take in college? How long is school? What are some things I will have to do to get a job. Very eager to start looking for schools.

Posted by Stevie D
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I come from a family with 9 teachers in it and let me tell you it is not easy nor is it worth it. Paychecks are their main concern, you get one pay check a month. Finding a stable job is close to none, each year they hand out pink slips to all new teachers to find a new job so that they dont have to pay for your retirement, and re-hire you and do the samething each year. Many universities have a catalog of requirements for their teacher certification programs. They are different in every state. If you want to teach grades 6-12, you must have a major area of study (math, science, history, etc) and also take methods and foundations of education courses. If you want to be an elementary teacher, you take many methods and curriculum courses as well as a multitude of general education requirements. Early childhood teachers, Pre-K – 2, have a different set of requirements. Just go to a college or university website you are interested in, click on College of Ed. Or teacher education program. It takes 4 years to get a B.A. 1 more year for a preliminary, and an aditional years for a clear, so you are looking at 6 years in total.

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