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PW Picks: Books of the Week, June 23, 2014Publishers WeeklyHalsey Hall—the once-magnificent home of Lady Margaret Mountjoy and daughters Jane, 15, and Maude, 13—has been falling apart since the girls' father squandered the family's money and drank himself to death. With their … Then Marilyn abruptly moves …

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Five interested in vacant District 1 school board seat

After three consecutive uncontested elections, five candidates are interested in an interim term as the District 1 school board member.

Questions and Answers

High school options in rural, ranch/farming areas?

Hi, Im writing and I needed to know high school options in small ranches/farms in areas like Arizona, texas, etc., their difference in curriculum and learning experience from high schools in urban and suburban areas. Is it better, worse? Is there noticeably a better student:teacher ratio? What classes do they offer that arent offered in suburban/urban areas?
Also, the daily lifestyle of an average teen living there would be pretty cool.
Thanks sooooo much!

Posted by Cherry
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Hi I don't know if this helps but in the u.k most schools rural and urben teach the same the only difference would be the opertunitys to visit agri collage. My parents are split so I live in suburbs with my mum and go to my dads farm fri to sat and tues plus holidays. Because I want to become a farmer I had to organise my own visit as my school didn't invite the collage in to talk about what they do. My teen life is great as I get best of both worlds on the farm driving tractors and then in and bout town just chillin although I do prefer the farm as all the girls in the city's are really annoying lol.

Platteville, Wisconsin?

Hey guys, I'm an international student and I applied to UW-Platt. I really don't know what to do, i've always lived in a big city and i really like to go out to try new restaurants every now and then, i like malls and movie theaters, but Platteville barely has any. What's there to do in Platteville Wisconsin?

Good places to live in? (all i care about is a safe area and a clean place. What is the most luxurious area in that town? Price doesn't matter.)

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Luf
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Let me start with my qualifications: I grew up in this area, graduated from a High School 8 miles away, attended UW Platteville, married a Platteville farm girl in a local church. I visit my inlaws in Platteville monthly and have been doing so for 30 years.

There are no "bad" places to live in Platteville. Some are older than others but that's it on neighborhoods. Virtually no crime other than college kid stuff.There also is no "luxury" in Platteville. It's a pleasant 10K person town that is surrounded by hard working farm families. It has a Walmart, Kmart, Menards and a downtown that deserves more attention.

There is a 1 screen movie theater on Main st. There is a college/locals bar scene aimed mostly at young people but you can catch a Packers Game during the season and get a good deal on wings. Restaurants are family style type places with a couple of pizza joints.

City entertainment, Platteville style, exists 30 minutes away in Dubuque, IA. Back in the day, that's where I went on dates. You can search Dubuque for the details of what is there.

This is definately not big city living (I live is suburban Chicago now). It is a very pleasant area and certainly safe.

Hope that helps.

How do I write a cultural essay when I'm a white suburban girl?

I'm a mix of several western european countries, none of which my family keeps any cultural ties to. I'm not artistic in any way, I've never lived outside of the suburbs, and I have basically no other cultural signifigance. I need to write an essay about how my ethnic or cultural background has shaped my life, but I have NO clue what to write. Any suggestions…?

Posted by Taylor
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White suburbia is your culture. I've had the same problem when I had to write this type of essay and I basically said just that. I didn't lie about who I was. I don't feel I should have to and you shouldn't either. That would negate the purpose of the essay. You living in a suburban area shaped your life differently than someone who lived in a rural area on a farm or an urban area right? You grew up how you did and you shouldn't be ashamed of it because someone else didn't. Talk about your background as far as having a small or large family and going to what's considered a 'good' school or a 'bad' one. If you played sports, did cheer leading or performed in theatre or dance, that would be something about your background that defines you. Those type of groups can be considered to have a culture too. 'Culture' is however you define it; it doesn't have to be your ethnicity. Your teacher will have to accept that.

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