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How to raise wild young duck that i have now?I do not have a yard or a garden or anything else.?

I only can raise the 3 wild ducks i have in cages.i dont have big yard or something like tat to raise them.pls help me any expert in these.

Posted by Gabby
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I would take them to a humane society or ASPCA. Try to find a wild animal rehabilition center or rescue. Wild ducks cannot live healthy lives in a cage! If you don't have a backyard or anything like that I don't think it's going to work for you. If you search in google "duck house" or "indoor duck" you might find some ideas.

Raising wild baby ducks?

Today i found a mother duck dead in the middle of the street and the nest in my backyard. I love animals and i REALLY want to raise them. I have made them the classic incubator (don'tt tell me to buy and incubatorbecausecause those things are like 500 dollars and suck) i have done my studies on how to raise them and have gotton mixed directions. One website told me to not raise them since they're wild and another told me they would make great pets if i took care of them. Well its summer and i will take care of them but i guess i just want so more info. Any ideas and help?? And please no bashing because i just want to learn.

Posted by animal luvr <3
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I think what you're doing is great! Just because their wild doesn't mean they deserve love and care since there mommy is dead. I think the set up you talked about is exactly right. I usually use a whelping box with heat lamps and that works. As long as you keep the area clean, keep their water dish clean, and give them plenty of food they should be fine. You can get duck food at your local feed and tack store just make sure its small enough for them to swallow. I raised 4 wild baby Mallards this way and to this day they come to my pond every fall.

Are buff orpington ducks good pets?

I have a big backyard with lots of room for ducks which i love and i really want to get some so im wondering if there good pets or if you dont think so then please tell me about some other good ducks you like, thanks.

Posted by Gilbert
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I think ducks are wonderful! I really enjoyed my Rouens and my bantam ducks (call ducks). However, if you don't have a natural pond, and decide to get a kiddie pool, you have to ensure a way for them to get into the pool and out of it comfortably. Their webbed feet and legs get injured quite easily. I used some good sized piled flat stones in and out of the pool to help. But, I would caution that they can get messy! Ducks love puddles and will play in them and use their beaks to dig in the ground. Next thing you know you've got a hugh mud wallow that a pig would love to bathe in!

Just remember, although they are water creatures, it doesn't mean they don't require a good, warm, dry, secure place to sleep at night. Racoons, opposums, and skunks love duck meat. Keep your ducky friends safe.

Go out and get yourself a good book about how to raise ducks. Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks is a good start. Have fun!

P.S. Ducks are great at getting pests out of gardens. But, you have to wait until the plants are sturdy enough to withstand being stepped on!

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Ducks in the Kennedy Yard