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Urban Farming in Detroit, Michigan?

Is this a good idea? Is there any evidence that it works? How can we get people to start doing it? Do you profit off urban farming? I don't know much about urban farming, so im curious.

Posted by Brandon C
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Urban farming in Detroit is going to rely heavily on the use of "hydroponics" (growing plants in water, not soil). Here's a pretty good article with some good visuals: Http://…

I think it's a fantastic idea for many reasons. 1)It diversifies the economy, 2)It will provide healthier food options for the residents of Detroit, 3)It will be a good use for the acres of empty land sitting in Detroit, 4)It's good for the environment.

What are some ways to create jobs in detroit?

Posted by Luke P
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Detroit must diversify its economy. One way to do this is through "green" technologies. Have you ever considered the amount of untapped energy that flows right through Detroit everyday (the Detroit River)? This has been explored through Detroit River Hydrokinetic Energy Project. Http://…

Also, as I state in an answer to one of your earlier questions, the concept of urban farms in Detroit is something that warrants some consideration. Http://

Detroit has attempted, with some small success, to gain a foothold in the movie industry as well.

Biochemical Technology has also sprung up in many "incubator companies" along the I-94 corridor.

These are high-skill, high-wage jobs. They are what Detroit/Michigan needs right now.

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